Firstly, and most important is the required outcome. This includes coverage and image quality.
If you were one of the 114,327 recorded thefts, and the video footage is dark and grainy, you may only be able to distinguish a silhouette carrying away your prize positions.

The humble CCTV system has matured into a very powerful Business tool and is no longer just the domain of security. With the right software CCTV is an invaluable tool for the retail marketing team for monitoring customer traffic and foot fall, the operation teams for monitoring production lines and for health and safety in the work place.

This diversity of uses can spread the cost of a Video Surveillance solution across multiple department budgets, and fixed term rental is an option.

When purchasing a Video Surveillance Solution.

  • Define the purpose of your system, (what are your expectations).
  • Assess the impact on your network infrastructure.
  • Budget Capital or Operational Expenditure.
  • Use a floor plan to position camera locations and fields of view.
  • Define the video footage retention period.
  • Ensure compliance with surveillance regulation and signage.
  • Ensure approved and certified installation.

To work in the Security Industry all professionals have to be approved by the Ministry of Justice via a Certificate of Authorisation, (CoA), which means staff have undergone security checks and training.

Not all video surveillance systems are created equal. An inferior CCTV system compromises on image quality, coverage and data retention time periods. A comparison of the above images illustrates clarity issues.

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