Over the course of the weekend major New Zealand Internet providers have admitted that there is a back door into their customer’s routers and therefore potentially their customer’s computer networks.

This is a huge security concern for New Zealand companies and business.

Why, because many help and support desk personal are located off shore. Of the support staff located in New Zealand support desk roles are not the most highly paid positions and in many cases rely upon first generation Kiwis with strong links back to countries who unfortunately do not always share our high moral standards and ethics.

There is an alternative, source your IT partners from trusted local companies who specialise in business to business provision with an emphasis on well managed support.

Miit is a locally managed Internet Service Provider with a focus on our customer’s security and quality of service. We employ local well trained engineers who specialise in business solutions and pro-actively support our clients.

Please contact us for advice or a quotation for your UFB Internet and Cloud computing solutions.

Robert Elcombe