If you have quick look at today’s IT press I can understand how daunting the future IT landscape and the security of your company’s IT infrastructure, communications and data can make you feel.

Viruses that encrypt your data, attacks on your web site that render it effectively useless, Internet data overrun charges and malicious telephone calls with the potential to rack up a fee that only a major first world economy could expect to settle.

Many small New Zealand companies have fallen victim to malicious attacks, in excess of an unimaginable half a billion dollars per annum, and we are not alone. Major companies and governments the world over have been held to ransom, a quick search on the internet will demonstrate many high profile attacks that have resulted in ransom being paid to criminals.

Throw into this mix hardware upgrades, software licensing, redundancy, resilience, continuity of your company’s critical IT systems and it can seem there is a never ending mine field to navigate.

How do we protect our companies from malicious attacks and minimise unplanned outages?

If your data and key equipment is housed on-site at your premises, then you will need to ensure your defences and software subscriptions are up to date. Firewalls, virus definitions, antivirus, anti-spam, email filtering, regular incremental backups, offsite data storage and retrieval is just a start.

This equipment is not set and forget and requires constant, ongoing monitoring and maintenance by an experienced and qualified IT technician, even a small setup is a full time job.

How does a small New Zealand business cope with this constant barrage of complexity, upgrades and cost?  

Good news, you no longer need too; you can off load all this complexity to an external managed IT company specialising in Software as a Service (SaaS). Just inform them how many concurrent seats, required software and your data security requirements. In return for a fixed monthly fee you can off load almost everything including equipment refreshes, software upgrades, telephones, Internet and end user support.

This turns your company IT requirements into a commodity just like a bottle of milk. You don’t need livestock, a milking shed, pasteurising equipment or a bottling plant to enjoy your bottle of milk and you no longer need to own or maintain your own IT infrastructure. All you need is a company who can supply a well-managed cloud computer system tailor made to match your company requirements. A company like Miit a local managed Cloud Services company.

Miit, empowers small to medium companies to leverage the efficiencies that cloud based computing can bring to a company no matter how large or small. For most NZ companies the productivity gains and cost savings are significant. Please email info@miit.co.nz or call 09 476 4540 for additional information.